Embryo Transfer

FoalOnce considered very “high-tech”, embryo transfer is increasingly commonplace as a way to get a foal from a competition mare without interrupting her competition schedule.

The process allows breeders to select not only the sire’s attributes for their foal by purchasing semen, but the genetic attributes of any one of our select mares may be chosen. Our broodmare is inseminated and the embryo implanted (at six days of age) into a recipient mare who will carry the foal to term.

This process also allows us to send breeders recipient mares in foal to the combination of their choosing. The recipient selected may be a competition horse in its own right, or a broodmare prospect. The recipient is then shipped (after sixty days pregnancy) to the breeder. In this way, the breeder has the advantage of selecting from a variety of dam and sire bloodlines and acquiring a recipient who may also have a career. Undoubtedly, there is an economic advantage to travelling recipient mares in that two horses travel for the price of one!

See our broodmare list for details.

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