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Holsteiner stallion Calzada offers the best of European bloodlines in Ireland.

What does this mean?

Calzada offers depth in bloodlines seldom seen in other sires. He is the descendant of the legendary thoroughbred improvement sires Ladykiller xx, Rantzau xx (sire of Cor de la Bryère and great grand sire of Baluobet de Rouet), Cottage Son xx, Sailing Light xx and Anblick xx.

Calzada is the only sire in Ireland by the most successful Nations Cup horse in Germany, Caletto I. Caletto I was twice winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen and numerous other Grand Prix. He was German Team Bronze Medallist in the European Championships in Hickstead . Caletto I was not only a performance horse and a producer of performers but a sire of 21 approved sons. His daughters produced 9 approved sons. He is a star in Holsteiner breeding.

Caletto I’s sire is the world-renowned stallion Cor de la Bryère, a leading sire of performers in all three disciplines. He is considered the father of the modern show jumper, producing fifty approved sons standing worldwide, including Cavalier Royale.

Calzada’s damsire, Lord, is ranked third in the world as a sire of dressage horses and eleventh in the world as a sire of show jumpers in the WBFSH lists. He has produced 78 approved sons. Progeny winnings total over 2.25 million euro.

Do bloodlines count and how much influence do they have on performance?

Consider the show jumping results at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004:

Bloodlines of fifty-five percent of the twenty-nine finalists were influenced by Holsteiner breeding; (impressive for a regional stud book with only about 7200 registered broodmares).

Fifty-two percent of the finalists had Cottage Son xx and Furioso xx in their six generation pedigrees. These two thoroughbreds were close relatives, descending from Son-In-Law xx and Marco xx. The Son-In-Law/Marco pattern appears in seventy-two percent of the finalist pedigrees.

Rantzau xx appears in forty-eight and Ladykiller xx in forty-five percent of the finalist pedigrees. Cor de la Bryère, a more recent progenitor, (by Rantzau xx) is found in thirty-four percent of the finalist’s breeding.

At the 2004 Olympic Games, there was clearly a preeminence of purpose-bred sport horses.

Bloodlines may not guarantee success…but they increase your chances. 

Calzada Pedigree

By Caletto I x Cor de la Bryère
Dam sire x Lord
Bay Holsteiner Stallion
Height: 172.50
Bone: 22.50
Breeder Lothar Steuer

Sire Caletto I
  Cor de la Bryère
  Rantzau xx   Foxlight xx
Rancune xx
Quenotte Luriosa
Cottage Son xx
  Dam Plinka   
  Ladykiller xx 
  Sailing Light xx
Lone Beech xx
Cottage Son xx
Anblick xx

PDFCalzada Stud Card: Click here to view the Stud Card as a printable PDF File (You can download the free Foxit PDF viewer here)

Calzada’s pedigree carries the names of the best horses in modern show jumping and dressage breeding . These include thoroughbred foundation and improvement sires Ladykiller xx, Rantzau xx and Anblick xx, as well as the famous thoroughbred jumping and dressage lines of Cottage Son xx (sire of Lord and Christine Stückelberger’s Olympic dressage champion, Granat), and Sailing Light xx.

(See: "The Thoroughbred Roots of the Modern Show Jumper").

Calzada’s grandsire is Cor de la Bryère, (the Selle Français stallion that revolutionized jumping breeding and influenced the Holsteiner stud book). World-class sire of sires and performers in all three disciplines, Cor de la Bryère’s sons include: Cavalier Royale, Calvaro, Classic Touch, Caletto I and II, Corlando, and Cordeka . In Dressage he sired Corlandus, a World Cup Dressage Champion in 1989 and his sons Calypso I and II have proven themselves as sires of dressage horses.

Calzada’s sire, Caletto I was the most successful Nation’s Cup horse in Germany, winning numerous International Grand Prix including Grand Prix of Aachen 1983, Grand Prix of Switzerland 1983, Grand Prix of Genf 1983 (where he was the highest money winner), Grand Prix of Calgary 1983, Grand Prix of Aachen 1984 and Grand Prix of Stuttgart 1985. He was Team Bronze Medallist for Germany in the European Championships at Hickstead in 1983.

Caletto I produced 21 approved sons, including Michael Whittaker’s mount at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Calvaro Z. His daughters produced 13 approved sires including Aldatus and Iberio.

Caletto I has produced high priced auction lots, including stat premium mare Carrara, who sold to Brazil for 75,000 DM.

Two sons of Caletto I competed against each other in the Olympic Games in Sydney: Calvaro Z, ridden by Michael Whittaker and Roofs, ridden by Jan Tops.

Calzada’s dam sire, Lord (by Ladykiller xx), is sire of Olympic dressage horses Larius and Lucky Lord (who competed for the Dutch and French Teams, respectively). Lord is a versatile sire ranking third in the world as a sire of dressage horses and eleventh in the world as a sire of show jumpers in the WBFSH lists. Lord has a dressage BLUP of 135 and a show jumping BLUP of 189 and is an outstanding source of show jumping and dressage talent in the Holstein breed. He produced 78 approved sons and progeny winnings total over 2.25 million euro. His approved sons include international dressage horses Leonardo II, Lucky Lord and Fashion, as well as top show jumping sires Lord Incipit, Lord Calando and Losander. He has almost twenty offspring currently jumping at international level.

The combination of Cor de la Bryère with Ladykiller xx bloodlines has already proven a successful one for Irish breeders since the same combination was found in the pedigree of Cavalier Royale.

Calzada is a lovely natured correct horse with great presence and looks. He is both an athletic jumper and dressage horse who carries legendary bloodlines of producers and athletes in both the sire and dam lines.

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